Dropping My Line Into Fresh Water

So this is my new blog. Instead of resuming my regular postings on that one, I decided a new start was in order. It will be a little like the old one, but with a few, subtle changes that I won’t be pointing out.

This won’t be a political blog…but I my call out political stupidity.

This won’t be a nursing blog…but I will post about general work tales from time to time.

This won’t be a mommy blog…I don’t have kids, and you don’t want to read about my pets all the time either.

This is just going to be my blog.

Armed with my pole (with a sharp, point on the end), I’m dropping a fresh, shiny new hook into the waters just to see what nibbles I get. And if I don’t get any nibbles, that’s fine too. Sometimes, even the best day of fishing has nothing to do with actually catching anything.