Grow Old With Me, the Best is Yet to Be

Close friends and family, and about a couple hundred others on Facebook now know what I am about to tell you…I’m engaged. To be married.

Logtar and I have long discussed nuptials. We always knew it was in the cards. I never pushed for a proposal because I figured it would come down the pike at some point, but I did figure that I’d have an official fiance around Christmas. So, imagine my surprise when he dropped to one knee, in front of close friends, Saturday night, at dinner. Very few situations occur where I am left absolutely speechless. This one did, other than the word “yes”.

If you would have approached my 20 year old self and told me about my late-30’s self, I wouldn’t believe you. At that time, I had a list “Reasons Not to Get Married”. At the time, bad, failing marriages was all I saw in friends and family. All the anger, animosity, and heartache just didn’t seem like marriage was a viable option in this day and age.

Then, I met Kant, and her family, and my way of thinking changed. Here was a great family. Her parents, having been married a while, long weathered great trials, just as in love with each other as they were when they first married. From them, I saw what it looked like when it all “worked”. With her family, I got to experience a lot of things I never got to with my own.

Life just went on and no prospects of marriage presented itself to me. When I got to 35, and after a couple failed relationships, I just sort of gave up on the whole idea of me being married. Marriage…the nice thing that happens for other people. I settled into a routine that mostly centered on home and work and an occasional vacation. A rut. Life was boring and black and white.

Then, Logtar came into my life, and with him, he brought color, and spices, and music. Previously, having an aversion to peppers and onions, I now eat peppers (onions are still vile and disgusting). I seek out new experiences with other cultures. I laugh more. I’m less cynical. I am excited about the future. I’m even excited about peppers (but not the hot ones, they scare me). My life has changed so much, and for the better. I wouldn’t say that Log changed me, but by being who he is, he has coaxed me to come out of my shell, and allowed me to be myself. It turns out, I’m a pretty awesome person. No wonder he wants to marry me!

October of 2014. A Las Vegas adventure!!!