Current Events and Other Random Blather

  • There is an alarm that sounds like a bicycle bell that is randomly going off in the house. I don’t know where it is coming from, but it is slowly driving me nuts.
  • Donald Trump is a good showman (showboat?) and knows how to grab ratings. I suspect he wakes up in the morning, puts on his orange spray tan, carefully constructs his comb over, all the while wondering what outrageous thing he can do that day, and who else he can piss off. At the end of the day, he sits at home in amazement that people still like him. I don’t think he’s serious about being president. I think he is single-handedly pulling back the curtain on the GOP party and showing the world just how ridiculous they have become. The Democrat side must be giddy.
  • I wonder if the women who interrupted Bernie Sanders’ speech in Seattle were aware he is the candidate who has been the most active in the Civil Rights movement out of all the candidates.
  • I have decided not to call anti-abortion people Pro-Lifers. Instead, they shall be known as Pro-Birthers. Once you are out of the womb, you are a burden on taxpayers, and how dare you suckle off the government teat! I wonder how many of those unwanted babies the Pro-Birthers have adopted?
  • My first day back to work was yesterday. I did well, didn’t cry or anything. I did miss my Lil G, but it was nice talking to grown-ups again. Of course, I did find myself looking at pictures of Lil G when I had downtime.
  • There goes that bell sound again!
  • The house next door continues to be for sale by a realtor that doesn’t give a shit about selling the house. The grass and weeds are overgrown. The house looks sad. I get sad when I see it. It makes me think of Mr. Recommendation. Regardless of how he lived, he deserved better.
  • Log said after all the pets were gone, we were done with pets. Recent events have put dog ownership back on the table. I already have a name picked out for the German Shepherd I am going to get. Log wants an Alaskan Malamute.
  • I feel that the militarization of our police departments is why we are having the problems with the police now.
  • I’m not a sanctimommy. I want to punch these women right in the baby-maker.
  • I’ve decided that traveling with an infant is like traveling with an I.E.D. That sucker could go off at any minute!
  • Where is that bell??

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